Group Conversation Class Downloads

Join the weekly intermediate to advanced English conversation class with Ronan and other English learners. 

We listen to a podcast, then we sit down and chat about the topic. 

It's a very relaxed environment and perfect if you want to stay in touch with your English. 


  1. Listen to the podcast
  2. Read the transcript, key-word list, and questions
  3. Click here to join

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the class?

$40 for four classes

$15 for one class 


When is the class?

Every Thursday at 6pm Dublin time

Click here to check your time zone


How many students are in a class?

Classes are capped at 10 students, if there are more than 10 I will open a new class


What if I miss a class?

Please see the terms and conditions by clicking here

Conversation Class #1 - Habits


Conversation Class #2 - The Lottery


Conversation Class #3 - Hostels